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The Four Seasons

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The Four Seasons


The game consists of 12 levels. Each level holds a painting written by a famous artist of XIX - XX centuries, suitable to represent some month of a year. In the beginning of each level a painting divided on 35 (7 x 5) puzzle pieces is shown to a gamer during short period of time (20 – 30 seconds); then it is being mixed randomly. The gamer has to use mouse to assemble the puzzle, and sometimes press "space" bar to be able to see pieces hidden under the other ones (especially under partially assembled). Game play is accompanied by light piano music, which nevertheless can be turned off. In the top left corner of the screen the time is shown which the gamer has currently spent on the level. After the puzzle is completed, it moves by itself to its original place when it is smoothly turning into clean painting while being surrounded by golden frame to the major music; its name is also smoothly appearing under the painting. Then button "Next" appears which allows a player to go on. Between levels the gamer has possibility to visit “Main Menu” screen and see thumbnails of the pictures completed and the best time of each completed level. There is also a possibility to add “More games” button on the screen between levels.


  • Hold LMB to drag and drop pieces;
  • Double-click LMB to hide the piece under the pile of others;
  • Press Space bar to extract a picece hidden under the pile of others.

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