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A puzzle game with a twist. Each time a line is destroyed, a graphical effect is initiated. The further you go the more complex and intense these effects become. The idea of the game is to make them a part of the mechanic. In order to progress you have to deal not only with the growing difficulty but also with the increasing intensity of these effects. I hope you will enjoy this experience.

DEVELOPER NOTES:This game uses Stage3D and requires wmode option to be set to 'direct'. Adding this option shouldn't cause any problems and will allow many high quality games to work on your website. This mode is set to direct by default on large flash portals, like newgrounds, for example, and is set by default here at

To implement it add one line to html page:
wmode: "direct"

var params = {
menu: "false",
scale: "noScale",
allowFullscreen: "true",
allowScriptAccess: "always",
bgcolor: "",
wmode: "direct"

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